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ANE and Patra Partnership

A Powerful Partnership

Through a strategic partnership, ANE gain access to Patra’s deep insurance industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, and consultative approach to driving revenue growth, profitability and scalability. Through this unique alliance, ANE realize significant positive business outcomes including cost-optimization, operational efficiencies, and improved margins which are the top requirements to remaining competitive in the industry. 

By leveraging Patra’s leading technology in combination with its proven methodology to streamline processes across the policy lifecycle, ANE platforms and offices have experienced the benefits of operational transformation including speed, quality and risk mitigation.

Patra’s adaptable delivery models, 24-hour operations and US-based insurance professionals serving as the day-to-day contacts provide high-volume processing and expedited turn-around times while meeting and/or exceeding ANE service level requirements.

Exclusive Partnership Benefits

MMA Benefits

About Patra

Patra’s insurance processing solutions and services provide operational support across policy lifecycle and administrative functions - allowing your highly skilled teams to focus on customer relationships and growing your business.

Our Expertise & Commitment

With nearly 20 years exclusively focused on the insurance industry, we know your business. At Patra, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, industry expertise, flexibility, and our exceptional team. This is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Proven framework for customer success

Our team of seasoned professionals combines their extensive expertise with state-of-the-art technology to help our clients stay ahead of the curve. With a deep understanding of the evolving insurance landscape, we continuously strive to exceed our client expectations and drive industry excellence.

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An Operational Excellence model that improves your ROI

Serving as a strategic partner, we support the entire operational ecosystem and consistently deliver optimal output for our clients across the insurance industry. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses every aspect of your insurance operations, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.

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A strategic partnership to help you make data driven decisions.

We understand that every business is different, and that’s why we take the time to truly understand your specific goals and objectives. From streamlining your processes to maximizing operational performance, we are fully committed to helping you achieve long-term success and sustainable growth.

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Patra P&C Solutions for ANE

Learn about the many solutions Patra has to support the P&C policy lifecycle.


Patra Employee Benefits Solutions for ANE

Learn about the comprehensive service solutions to support the entire Employee Benefits lifecycle.


Patra Virtual Assistant Solutions for ANE

Explore the possibilities with a Patra Virtual Assistant.


Patra Small Accounts Management Solutions for ANE

Don't let the 80% of your book representing 20% of your revenue take valuable time and resources. Let Patra manage your small accounts and watch them grow!


Patra PolicyCheckingAI for ANE

Discover how you can check policies with unsurpassed quality, accuracy, and efficiency.


99%+ Accuracy Rates

Deliver a superior customer experience for your insureds. Agency Partners are experiencing 98% or higher accuracy rates in insurance processing.

Zero Liability

Patra absorbs full liability for all the work Patra takes on.

Preferred Pricing

As a platinum partner, you receive preferred pricing and priority implementation regardless of agency size.

55% Cost Savings

Agencies are experiencing up to 55% in cost savings. 


Operational Excellence

Our operational excellence model is what sets Patra apart. With nearly 20 years solely dedicated to the insurance industry, we know your business. This level of expertise becomes a key benefit to our clients as we deliver a hybrid approach to insurance processes combining a global team of specialized experts, innovative technology, and a proven quality framework to deliver greater capacity, expertise and precision to the most complex tasks and processes.

Meet Your Dedicated Patra Contact. 

I'd love to connect and learn more about your operational goals and answer any questions you have. 

Brian Smith

Account Sales Executive

(916) 817-7296 / Email