Patra and Combined Agents of America. Together. Stronger.

Patra and CAA have partnered to provide technology-enabled insurance solutions to CAA's commercial insurance, risk management and employee benefits brokerage group.

How Patra Can Help Your Agency

Patra, as a technology-enabled solution provider, becomes CAA’s exclusive solution provider and will employ a broad set of technology-based solutions of that bring efficiencies to small business solutions, consumer and commercial property and casualty, employee benefits, customer acquisition and experience, insurance printing and mailing.  Like CAA, we are dedicated to helping you provide unsurpassed services and expanding your business through profitable growth leveraging the best innovation in the insurance industry.  


Benefits for Member Agencies

Patra delivers reduced risk, lower costs and streamlined integration without limitations to scalability or capacity by providing agencies specialized, process-specific options and standardized workflows.

As a Patra customer you can expect:

 Dedicated team to your agency
 Increase top-line revenue
 Standardize workflows
 Reduce agency staff workload
 Improve process efficiency and consistency
 Improve customer service
 24-hour coverage
 Reduce risk

Local Expertise Meets Technology Innovation

"We are excited to enter into a new strategic relationship with Patra. With Patra’s industry resources and knowledge they will be a great partner for our CAA members. Their expertise in optimizing workflows allows our CAA members to be more efficient than ever before in a rapidly changing industry." - CEO A.J. Lovitt

Technology-Enabled Solutions for Insurance Processing

Employee Benefits

Reduced risk, lower costs, and streamlined integration without limitations of scalability and capacity

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Property & Casualty

Solutions delivering consistent and reliable results, cost efficiency, and process optimization.

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Small Accounts

Seamlessly integrated with your agency to efficiently manage and grow your books of small business.

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