Patra and InCite Performance Group. Together. Stronger.

Patra and InCite have partnered to provide technology-enabled insurance solutions to InCite's commercial insurance, risk management and employee benefits brokerage group.

How Patra Can Help Your Agency

Patra and InCite have partnered to bring you the very best in insurance solutions so you can spend more time growing your business, building customer relationships and less time on administrative tasks.

Powering the full scope of insurance business needs, from personal and commercial lines to employee benefits, Patra’s team of global experts allows retail brokers to capture the Patra Advantage – profitable growth and organizational value.

Our globally distributed workforce of over thirty-six hundred (3,600) employees helps optimize agency workflows through their insurance-focused outsourcing staff and their modern technology. By combining the best of people and technology, Patra has been successfully supporting over 500 insurance organizations in how they sell, deliver, and manage policies and customers.

With our 24-hour support, InCite agencies can accelerate customer acquisition and retention with enhanced profitability. You will enjoy a dedicated team, providing comprehensive E&O coverage, and a flexible hourly billing model that allows you to pay for results, never idle downtime.

Dominate your marketplace and leverage the most advantageous business partnership. Now is the time! Contact us below and welcome to Patra!


Benefits for Member Agencies

Patra delivers reduced risk, lower costs and streamlined integration without limitations to scalability or capacity by providing agencies specialized, process-specific options and standardized workflows.

As a Patra customer you can expect:

 Dedicated team to your agency
 Increase top-line revenue
 Standardize workflows
 Reduce agency staff workload
 Improve process efficiency and consistency
 Improve customer service
 24-hour coverage
 Reduce risk

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Technology-Enabled Solutions for Insurance Processing

Employee Benefits

Reduced risk, lower costs, and streamlined integration without limitations of scalability and capacity

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Property & Casualty

Solutions delivering consistent and reliable results, cost efficiency, and process optimization.

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Small Accounts

Seamlessly integrated with your agency to efficiently manage and grow your books of small business.

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