Operational Updates on COVID-19

Business Continuity Plan and Overview

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, Patra immediately engaged all appropriate components of our Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Our executive and management teams from all areas of the business formed a Coronavirus Task Force (CTF) to review all local, national or global changes to health and government updates pertaining to the Coronavirus. Based upon the information obtained, the CTF adjusts existing plans and/or establishes new plans as required across Patra’s global operations. In addition, the CTF provides updates and responses to employee, customer, and facility related matters where appropriate.   

BCP Actions Taken and Implemented

  • United States Insurance Service Operations:  Our operations in the US are already a distributed delivery infrastructure consisting of a work-from-home model. Therefore, this is currently operating per design and now under certain invoked procedures from our Business Continuity Plan. 
  • United States Print & Mail Operations:  Our print operations are operating at full capacity and are uninterrupted.  We have a back-up team fully trained as part of our Business Continuity Plan.  Regarding our supply chain, we have increased our inventory.  We also have multiple qualified suppliers and established a strategic relationship with a large regional print shop to leverage their supply chain and as a backup service provider if needed.
  • India Operations: Our operations in India have transitioned to secure work-from-home capabilities, enabling us to support all service lines, including throughout the North American business day. 
  • Philippines Operations:  Based upon the situation and directives from the local government, we have moved our employees in the Philippines to a work-from-home model. 

Interaction with Customers, Prospects and Partners

Patra has a globally distributed service delivery footprint that is currently operating entirely in secure, work-from-home environments.  As a well-established distributed workforce, Patra will continue to support clients via video conference calls. From the recommendations of the CDC, WHO, national, regional and local health guidance, we have made the decision to postpone all non-essential business travel.